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SAP Simple Finance Training

SAP Simple Finance (S/4 HANA Finance) is the new ERP Financial Solutions portfolio built for SAP HANA, allowing “real-real-time” analytics at “most granular level” across all financial dimensions.

With SAP S/4HANA Finance, you can create a common view of all financial and operational data, provide flexible, easily consumable reporting, automate processes—and instantly evaluate the financial implications of business options with real-time analytics, prediction, and simulation, all with a beautiful user experience.

Total Videos                   41
Delivery                 E-Learning (Recorded Videos Training) with 100% support
Price                             US$499
How to Enroll?                Click here
Who should attend      Those interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of SAP Simple Finance. (Example: FICO Business analysts, FICO Consultants, project team members, Finance managers, etc.)
Prerequisites               Basic knowledge and configuration experience in SAP FICO modules.
Level                             Intermediate to Advance.


  • Understand the process of migrating to Simple Finance from ERP 6.
  • Understand the Simple Finance implementation phases.
  • Understand the technical changes from ERP 6 to SAP S/4 HANA in terms of Accounting transactions.
  • Understand the new products and functionalities available with S/4 HANA.

Training package includes

  • Study Materials.
  • S/4 HANA Simple Finance Server Access.
  • 3 Months Access to Recorded Sessions.
  • Student Forum to discuss problems.
  • 100% Support for 3 Months.
  • Migration to Simple Finance Step-by-step Configuration Guide.
  • Guidance to pass Simple Finance Certification exam.

SAP Simple Finance Course Contents

Introduction to S/4 HANA and Simple Finance

Overview of SAP HANA
• What is SAP HANA
• Why you need HANA
• How it was done before
• How it works now in HANA
• Data Replication in HANA

HANA Deployment Options and Architecture
• HANA Deployment Options
• On-Premise Deployment
• Difference between the two cloud services (HEC vs HCP)
• HANA Architecture Overview
• SAP HANA Architecture

Overview of Simple Finance
• Functionality and benefits of SFIN
• Deployment Options for SFIN
• Licencing Options
• SAP SFIN Software Products
• Upgrade Paths to SFIN
• Universal Journal
• Tables Removed
• Universal Journal Extensibility
• Universal Journal Entry
• Document Numbers (BELNR)
• Document Numbers compatibility with CO
• Appendix (Extension) Ledger
• What’s changed with Simple Finance
• Existing Custom Programs and Interfaces
• Prima Nota

Central Finance
• Interfaces for Central Finance
• Central Finance Instance
• External System information
• Central Finance Implementation
• Key components for installation

GL and Cost Elements
• General Ledger Master Data
• Cost Element Master Data
• Primary Cost Element Creation
• Secondary Cost Element Creation
• Fixed Asset Statistical Cost Element Creation
• FI and CO Period Locks
• Authorizations for GL Master Data

Managing Ledgers
• Appendix (Extension) Ledger
• Appendix Ledger Benefits
• Appendix Ledger Configuration
• Level 1: Master Data of Ledger
• Level 2: Company Code Assignment
• Level 3: Accounting Principles to Company Code Assignment

New Asset Accounting
• Table Changes in New Asset Accounting
• Advantages of New Asset Accounting
• How posting works with New Asset Accounting
• Technical Clearing Account
• Configuring Technical Clearing Account
• Define How Depreciation Areas Post to GL

CO Module in Simple Finance
• CO posting changes
• CO Configurations
• CO-PA with HANA
• CO and Material Ledger
• Period End Closing
• Technical Changes for CO
• CO Postings (without Ledger Group vs with Ledger Group) for Interfaces
• Technical Changes for Material Ledger
• Material Pricing

Cash Management
• Function of Cash Operations
• Function of Bank Account Management
• Function of Liquidity Management
• Fiori Apps for Cash Management

Integrated Business Planning for Finance (IBPF)
• IBPF’s role
• Pre-requisites for Installing IBPF
• Benefits of using IBPF
• How IBPF works

Migration to Simple Finance Add-on
• Migration Phases
• Project Preparation Phase
• Installation Phase
• Customizing Phase
• Data Migration Phase
• Post Processing Phase
• Points to Consider
• Simple Finance Migration
• Migration from Classic GL to SFIN

Project Preparation Phase
• Project Preparation Phase Activities
• What’s good about Asset Accounting (New)
• Checks on pre-requisites for migration to New Asset Accounting
• Project Preparation – FI-AA (New)
• Project Preparation – FI, CO, Sub-ledgers

Installation Phase
• Installation Phase Activities

Customization Phase – General Ledger
• Check and Adopt Fiscal Year Variants
• Migrate General Ledger Customizing
• Define Settings for Ledgers and Currency Types
• Define Ledger for CO Version
• Define Document Types for Postings in Controlling
• Define Document Type Mapping Variants for CO Business Transactions
• Check and Define Default Values for Postings in Controlling
• Define Offsetting Account Determination Type
• Define Currency Settings for Migration
• Define Source Ledger for Migration of Balances
• Execute Consistency Check of General Ledger Settings
• Activate Business Functions

Customization Phase – Asset Accounting (New)
• Preparation and Pre-Check
• Steps in Customizing client
• Steps in Test and Production client
• Migrate Chart of Depreciation (CoD)
• Check Pre-requisites for Activating AA (New)
• Activate Asset Accounting (New)
• Adjust Parameters in Chart of Depreciation (Optional)

Customization Phase – Controlling
• Execute BW-Delta extraction for Account-based CO-PA
• Adapt Settings for the Change of Profitability Segment Characteristics
• Maintain Operating Concern
• Maintain Operating Concern – Banking Add-on
• Activate Account-based Profitability Analysis

Data Migration Phase
• Partitioning of Universal Journal Entry Line Items Table
• Regenerate CDS Views and Field Mapping
• Migration of Cost Elements
• Technical Check of Transaction Data
• Migration - Enrichment of Data
• Migration of Line Items into Data Structure
• Migration of Balances
• Migration: Calculation of Depreciation and Totals Values
• Migrate House Bank Accounts
• Complete Migration

Post Processing Phase
• Transfer Application Indexes
• Fill Due Dates in FI Documents
• Fill the Offsetting Account in FI Documents
• Migrate House Banks

Reporting Options
• Traditional SAP ERP Reports
• SFIN Reports
• HANA LIVE Reports
• Fiori Apps

Preparing for Certification
• How to book for the exam
• Preparing for the online proctored exam
• What contents will be quizzed upon
• Sample questions and answers

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