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SAP CRM Functional Training

The SAP CRM application is an integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software developed by SAP that provides tool to help and manage customer relationship in an organized way. 

Course length     :  Approx 70 hours
Delivery              : E-Learning (Recorded) Classes with 100% support.
Price                   :  U$599
Enrollment Link    : Please Click here
Who should        : attend Those interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of CRM. (Example: Business analyst, project team members, consultants, etc.)
Prerequisites      : Basic knowledge of SAP SD preferred, but not mandatory. You will learn everything from scratch
Level                  : Basic to Intermediate.
Objectives          : To learn the most important features within CRM. Some of these features are : basic data, CRM functionality, Base customizing, CRM Middleware, CRM Web User Interface etc.
Training package: includes
  • Study Books
  • Assignments
  • 2 months of SAP CRM + SAP ECC access
  • Student Forum to Raise/Answer Questions
  • 6 Months Access of Recorded Sessions
  • 100% Support for 6 Months
  • 70 hours of Project based training with real time scenarios
  • Online quiz to "Test your knowledge" after every topic
  • Guidance to pass SAP CRM Certification exam
  • Important SAP SD topics interfaced with CRM are also covered.

SAP CRM Functional Training Course Contents

Introduction to ERP and SAP CRM
* What is ERP and SAP CRM
* Purpose for SAP CRM
* Role of a SAP CRM Consultant
* Evolution of SAP CRM Web UI
* Introduction to SAP CRM WebClient User Interface
Architecture of SAP CRM
*CRM Architecture and components that make up this landscape
*SAP CRM Channels, including internet applications, interaction center and mobile sales/services
*Main elements of the UI concept

*Describe the key Account and Contact Management functions of SAP CRM

*Describe the key Opportunity Management functions of SAP CRM



*Explain the key activity managment function of SAP CRM 
*Explain the key elements and functions in Quotation & Order Management 

*Describe the key elements and functions in Contract Management



*Describe the Incentive & Commission Management functionality of SAP CRM

SAP CRM Service
*Explain the concept of Installation Management and the functionality of Objects
*Describe the concept and usage of Service Contracts and Service Plans
*Explain the business process of Service Order Management and the supporting SAP CRM Service functionality
*Describe the business process of Complaints and Returns Management and the supporting SAP CRM Service functionality

SAP CRM Marketing
*Describe the processes within SAP CRM Marketing Planning and Campaign Management using an integrated case study
*Explain how to create and launch a marketing campaign
*Explain how SAP CRM can be used to create customer segments and target groups from various data sources
*Describe the usage of the SAP CRM Graphical Modeler
*Explain how to execute a marketing campaign

SAP CRM Partner Channel Management
*Explain the concept of SAP CRM Partner Channel Management which is to provide a platform for organizations to manage partner relationships and enable channel partners to do business with end-customers
*Describe the building blocks of SAP CRM Partner Channel Management in particular with regard to the various user interfaces and functional areas
*Carry out the relevant tasks for Lead Management both in the Channel Manager Portal and in the Partner Portal
*Describe the roles and associated portals in SAP CRM Partner Channel Management
*Describe the functional area of Channel Commerce within SAP CRM Partner Channel Management
*Explain the processes and functionality of Channel Marketing Funds
*Describe how campaign automation can be used for designing and implementing event-controlled, real-time campaigns
*Explain the Trade Promotion Management (TPM) process in general

SAP CRM Web Channel
*Explain the processes and functionality within SAP CRM E-Selling
*Explain the processes and functionality within SAP CRM E-Service
*Explain the processes and functionality in SAP CRM E-Marketing

SAP CRM Interaction Centre
*Explain the Interaction Center framework and components
*Process incoming calls using the knowledge search in the Interaction Center
*Describe the functions of Interaction Center Management

SAP CRM Field Application
*Describe the functions of the Mobile Sales and Mobile Service field applications of SAP CRM
*Explain the technical aspects of SAP CRM Field Applications
*Introduce the functions of the Mobile Sales for Handhelds field application of SAP CRM

SAP CRM Analytics
*Explain the importance of SAP CRM Analytics in a complete CRM solution
*Describe the analytical methods available in SAP CRM
*List the various analysis scenarios available in SAP CRM
*Introduce the functionality of Interactive Reports

SAP CRM Implementation and Operation
*Describe how the SAP SolutionManager supports SAP CRM implementation projects and system administration
*ASAP Methodology
*Explain how to customize a new business transaction in SAP CRM

Account Management
*Explain the concept of Account Management
*Explain the concept of the SAP Business Partner
*Describe relationships between accounts
*Describe some additional account functions
*Describe marketing attributes, account classification and the account life cycle
*Describe account hierarchies
*Explain the data exchange for business partners with SAP SD

Organizational Management
*Explain the use of the organizational model in SAP CRM
*Maintain an organizational model
*Explain the process of organizational data determination
*Describe and define determination rules
*Create an organizational data profile

Product Master
*Explain the concept of the CRM product master
*Explain product hierarchies and categories
*Explain set types and attributes
*Enhance the product master using set types and attributes
Transaction Processing
*Give examples of the different CRM business transactions
*Describe the structure of business transactions
*Explain and create transaction types and related customizing settings
*Difference between copying control and create follow-up
*Subsequent referencing.
*Transaction history and document flow
*Customize Text determination, Data Management, Status Management, Incompleteness check
Activity Management
*Define activities and activity management
*Configure a transaction type for activities
*Describe the survey integration
*Describe groupware integration
Partner Processing
*Explain the options and functions associated with partner processing in business transactions
*Create a partner determination procedure in Customizing
*Describe access sequences, create them in Customizing and use them in the partner determination procedure
SAP CRM Actions
*Explain the options for processing actions
*Customizing a new action profile
SAP CRM Pricing
*Describe the Internet Pricing and Configurator (IPC)
*Understand the essential features of the condition technique
*Describe the pricing functions
*Make certain settings in pricing Customizing
*Carry out condition maintenance in SAP CRM
CRM Billing
*Explain the document flow in SAP CRM
*Create and describe billing documents
*Name the Customizing settings relevant for CRM Billing
*Introduction to CRM Middleware
*SAP CRM Middleware Architecture
*Date exchange with ERP Backend
*Connection between SAP CRM and SAP R/3
*Synchronization scenario for Customizing data
*Synchronization scenario for Business data and Conditions
*Data flow with CRM Middleware
*Data exchange from CRM to SAP R/3
*Troubleshoot errors Initial Load from R/3 to CRM
*Troubleshoot errors Delta Load from R/3 to CRM
*Troubleshoot errors load from CRM to R/3
*Real time examples of middleware issues and tricks to troubleshoot
*Overview of data exchange via XIF (External Interface Adaptor)
*SAP BW (BI) Adaptor overview
*Groupware Adaptor overview
Introduction to SAP CRM WebClient UI
*List the terminology of the different screen elements
*State what functions the different UI elements have
*Personalize the different UI elements
Business Roles
*Create and/or change business roles
*Assign business roles to the organizational model
*Explain the authorization concept
Navigation Bar
*List the terminology used in the context of the navigation bar
*Maintain the navigation bar profile with the different types of application links
*Explain the Transaction launcher functionality
*Use the Transaction launcher to integrate External applications into the CRM WebClient User Interface
Introduction to SAP CRM Technical
*Overview of Methods and Functional Modules
*ABAP class and Function Group
*Concept of BADI
*SAP CRM UI Configuration Tool
*Overview of Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB)
*Overview of Application Enhancement Tool (AET)
*Master Data Management
SAP CRM Mini Project
SAP CRM Interview Questions
Overview of Sales Processes (SAP SD)
*Explain the process chain for sales order processing 
*Create a sales order with reference to a quotation
*Create an outbound delivery with reference to a sales order 
*Pick and post goods issue
*Invoice a customer for a delivery 
*Enter an incoming payment in the system
Master Data in SAP Sales and Distribution Processes (SAP SD)
*Maintain Customer master data
*Maintain material master data
*Maintain customer-material info record
*Maintain condition master data and explain pricing functions
*Issue output for sales documents
*Work with the incompletion log

Data Determination and Collective Processing (SAP SD)
*Trigger different sales processes by choosing suitable sales document types
*Explain how the delivering plant, shipping point and routes are determined automatically
*Give the customer delivery dates automatically determined in the system and be able to look at scheduling in detail
*Combine and collective process sales orders due for outbound delivery in one step
*Combine and collectively process documents due for billing in one step

Availability Check (SAP SD)
*Describe the basic principles and function of the availability check.
*Use the availability check as a part of order processing
*Explain the function of the shipment document
*Describe how shipment costs are billed to the customer
*Explain how financial information is transferred from the billing document into the accounting document 

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