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I'm very happy to share with you all my great news: I'm hired as a SAP support specialist (1rst & 2nd levels) in MM & SD in a very big company in Quebec - Canada (Please allow me to do not mention company here, because of the confidentiality). I'll start on March 13th, in three weeks. For me, this is a very humble start, but I'm sure that this opportunity will allow me to be fully exposed in the SAP real world, and to comprehend the Enterprise Structure of a real company. As a 1rst & 2nd level support specialist, I'll be in a support team (~10 specialists). We receive, analyze and resolve as much as possible all inquiries from end users from all over divisions. For those I cannot handle, I need escalate them to exterior consultants. This opportunity is very great for me, at this stage of my carrier, because I can work on real problems in real world.

A little bit about myself and my own path to SAP world. I have been working in software development / deployment / integration for the last 14 years. From the last years, I wanted to change my carrier, but I wasn't able to make any jump. Until last April 2016, I decided to take a SAP Certification course (70hrs - 4.500$CAN) in a SAP academy school. The course was great, specially for a new bee student. However the materials covered in this course are very limited. In fact, within 70hrs of interactive class time, the instructor cannot really cover much. Finishing the SAP course, I know that I'm not ready for the market. Intuitively, I started to dig more into SAP, by viewing tutorial clips in Youtube, and I came across StudyNest. As I was so thirsty about SAP, I watched all the free demo full clips which are posted in Youtube by StudyNest. I found they were GREAT. Then the next clips were truncated. Oh no, I have to pay now !!! With the price advertised in the website, I don't mind much. However I was afraid it was a internet scam. Still I decided to go forward for enrolling myself to a combo program (MM & ABAP). Within 2 months, I finished 90% of the clips in MM (Yeh, you can do this as well, with a lot of devotion / motivation / sacrifices !!!!) . Then I realized that I cannot be ready for the market by knowing ONLY one module, specially for the first job. (Please don't throw tomatoes at me, perhaps my perception is wrong for SAP consultants who have several years of experience in one module, but as a beginner in SAP, I believe I'm right. You just need to see job descriptions posted in job-fairs to confirm my opinion ). Then I decided to invest more in SAP with StudyNext, by enrolling to another combo SD&PP. I spent another 2 months to watch the first 12 clips of each module, to acquire a big picture of these modules, at least in the user level. At this point, I can claim that I'm very familiar with MM and SD, and I know a little bit about PP. With this qualification acquired (and also a lot of self-confidence + self-selling skills ) , I took the example of the CV (which is provided by StudyNest), tailored to my own profile, then posted everywhere ! Then I got calls / emails / interview / HIRED.
That's it, and it works out !!!!

This is only a 1 year contract, with the possibility to extend to a permanent position (obviously depending on my performance !!!! yes, a lot of endeavor ahead ... ) . They offer me the salary a little bit less than I'm making now (5K$ less), but I still accepted the offer. The road is still long, with a lot of endeavours ahead, but I 'll believe that I'm on the right track.

My new challenge is to be ready for the job, and to have to to continue my studies with Studynest. A lot of things I need to learn, and time passes so fast !
That is my own story, which I'm very happy to share with all of you. Please don't take it in the way that I want to impress you with my skills and intelligence. That is really not my point here. If you meet me in real life, you will not be impressed at all ūüėČ ! I'm just Lucky to get hired. Talking about the Luck, what is it ? For me, it is just equal to Preparation + Opportunity, and I do my Preparation part !
By writing this testimonial, I just want to motivate you on your learning process, with StudyNest, which I'm very grateful.
We are on the right track. Someone said "All experts were once beginner !".
That's it !!!
Quoc G. (Canada)

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Dear Gurjeet ji

Thanks for wonderful Video, I have given Exam on 02-02-2017 & passed with 84%.
Thanks once again for all your effort.

Hitesh Patel

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Respected Gurjeet,

First of all thanks for the entire support, I would like to share some , First i have joined in SAP authorized institute and felt very nervous regarding certification exam and at last i postponed my exam and and joined with studynest then i keep on practicing with the system for 2 month, Where i feel very comfort because the main advantage of studynest is you can study as per your comfort, And if you have any doubts you can go back and check the videos and can practice. I strongly recommend you to get this type of training and can go with the authorized institute.
Thanking the team from the bottom of my heart.

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I am glad to mention that our fellow student Ting from China scored 98% in SAP PP Certification exam.

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Thank you Gurjeet ,

The online training videos and system access helped me cover the complete syllabus of the SAP MM certification. Thank you.


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Hi Gurjeet,

I got 98% of SAP MM certification. Your videos cover all points of the exam and made me confident. Thank you.

Kxxxx (identity hidden as requested)

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Hi Sir

I am happy to inform you that I have cleared my SAP MM certification with 91%.
I am extremely thankful for your video tutorial,that helped me to understand various aspects thoroughly.
Here I request you to give advice to prepare my resume that matches to current scenario.


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Hi Nashad,

I passed my exam with 91%!
Your training videos and study materials are the perfect choice if you want obtain the SAP FI Certification. I learnt everything what I needed about SAP FI Customization. I will recommend your trainings to everyone.

I am also interested in CO Certification.
Thank you very much once again.

Kind regards,

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On Sun, Oct 9, 2016 at 12:45 AM, Jignesh Jadav <jxxxxxxv@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hello Gurjeet Sir,

I am extremely happy to share with you the result of my SAP MM exam.

I have passed the exam with 90% score. I must thank you for all the guidance and resources you provided me for learning the SAP MM concepts in-depth and with much clarity. The SAP MM lectures were perfectly structured and it made easy for me to grasp things quickly..

I once again thank you for all the help and guidance.

JJ (Identity hidden as per request)


The way you outlined and presented the whole FICO course, I am so grateful and happy that I learned about your website as it has tremendously given me the knowledge and theoretical as well as practical knowledge about FICO that I have never had before. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the study materials. THEY ARE THE BEST EXPLANATIONS of FICO that I have ever seen and studied. MORE POWER TO YOU. These study materials have greatly expanded my knowledge about FICO since I never had the knowledge of CO before. Now I know more about FICO after I have studied your FICO materials.

I hope you come up with the Product Costing materials.


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On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 9:02 PM, xxxx xxxxxxxx <xxxxxx.gu@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Mr.Gurjeet Singh......

Here am i informing friends....the best the best SAP Production Planning from studynest.org e-learning program...i was waited and enquired any e-learning SAP training program in online, i got the results so many...but i opted the e-learning program in studynest.org site....because i am having some SAP domain experience more than 7 years and how the trainer will teach the topic in the systematic manner..he is non other Mr.Gurjeet Singh....

I never saw the detailed MRP's, Demand management, MPS and LTP topics with clear cut view other than in this training.........
rest of topics also having fully fully detailed.......
After completion of SAP PP training from this institute, my self selected as a SAP PP Consultant in top IT MNC copany......
Finally last but not least words....the best SAP PP trainer in the world Mr.Gurjeet Singh only............
If you have any doubts or clarity about SAP PP or other courses in this site you may contact my dummy email id is balusendmail4u@gmail.com.

Thanks you very much Mr.Gurjeet Sing sir....................

With warm regards of your student.....
XXXXXXXXX (Identity hidden as per request)

Hi Gurjeet,

I sat the exam today and I passed by 70%. Thank you for your support and for sending me the exam materials. You've been extremely kind and helpful, I really appreciate it.
Kind Regards

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On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 2:04 AM, xxxx xxxxx <mxxxxxf@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hello Gurjeet,

I am happy to say I passed the FI exam yesterday. Your materials helped me tremendously. I took all the advise you gave me and passed the exam within 2 months of studying the materials.
I will continue using the videos and system to get myself more comfortable.
Now I am ready to get the help with the resume and interview preparation. Can we work on the resume and interview preparation please?
Once again I thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Kind regards,
(Identity hidden as per request) 

Hello Gurjeet,

I am happy to inform you that I cleared SAP MM (Procurement) associate level exam today with 86%. I could have scored more if I had dedicated more time on my SAP training. But as I had to equally focus on my engineering master subjects, I wasn't able to dedicate more time on SAP.

I really thank you for your support and wonderful training materials. Your training helped me a lot and the sample questions was very much helpful. Most of the questions came from these 2 sample papers.

Once again thank you for everything. It is a dream come true for me.

Thanks and Regards
Unnikrishnan S

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On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 12:36 PM, xxxxx <xxxxxx.m@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hi Gurjeet,

I cleared my SAP PP certification with 96 percent.
Most of the questions were from the document you have provided.
Also I am interested to learn CO module.

Thanks and Regards,
(Identity hidden as per request)

 Hi Najimudeen and Gurjeet Sir

I would like to say thanks for provide us very nice material for SAP FICO and your approach toward to make success like us. I glad to inform you have been achieve 96% in SAPFICO.


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Hi Gurjeet, Nashad,

Hope you are doing well.

Today i have passed my SAP FI certification with score of 98%.
I want to thank you a lot and Nashad too for you help and you good training and support. Today i have becomed SAP FI certified consulant.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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Dear Sir,

Hope this email finds you Happy & Healthy.
Just thought of Thanking You for everything.

Joined a level 5 IT Company as a Business Consultant around 7 Months back.
Gone Live and one Month on site Support period also ended.

I'm assigned to a new project now.
In the due course, got an understanding of ABAP also.

Thanks for everything again.

(Identity hidden as requested from a SAP MM student from India)

Hi Nashad,

I would like to thank you for your helpful course, I already passed the FI exam by 94%. and I used your great course to review my knowledge before having my exam.


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On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 7:56 PM, David Felix <davesfeet@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet

Im sooooooo happy to tell you I got 89% for the exam this morning, thank you so so much for your help, I wouldnt have been able to have done it without your help. I will be doing SD very soon, starting next week, I just need to relax a bit.
Chat very soon and again thank you very much!


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Thanks Nashad for your support, videos and guidance. I researched several different SAP training programs, and it was difficult to find a reliable and cheap program. I think this program is the best way to pass the certificate exam. The material and explanations are very clear. I suggest you pay special attention to the exam models. I passed my SAP FI certificate exam with 92%. I am very happy!

Please be free to contact me if you have any questions about the exam.

Thanks again Nashad!

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On Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 2:17 AM, Manikanda Babu <manikandababu@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet Ji,

A very big thanks to you and providing the wonderful platform to learn SAP from scratch.

I took my SAP MM certification - Associate level on 22nd Dec 2015 and passed the certification with 96% and very much happy to achieve the certification as a milestone in my life.

I would like to share my experience with studynest.org and about my preparation for the exam. I joined studynest.org by 26th July 2015 and started going through the videos and doing the assignments but I am working as a Business consultant in SAP Implementation project which we planned to go-live by Jan 2016 and it is really tough time for me to manage both work and studies by testing the system,training the users and framing the SOPs and cutover activities and giving the updates to the business.

At the initial stage I planned to do all the exercises which is given by gurjeet and also the exercises given at the back of every lesson in the sap books.But due to this workload I cannot do extensive testing and not able to try various scenarios in the sap server.But prepared the sap books well with the help of gurjeet videos and explanation made to understand the concept very well and by watching the videos repeatedly in my weak areas which make me very clear to understand the concepts.Finally everything gone well and passed the certification exam with good percentage.

Onceagain I thank gurjeet ji and his team for creating this wonderful website.

Thansk & Best Rgds,

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On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 7:36 PM, Varinder P Singh <varinderpsingh@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I want to share my experience while studying and passing CRM certification from Gurjeet.

Gurjeet has outstanding knowledge of the subject and very helpful and always available to clear any doubts if you have. (you won't have many if you go through the videos).

I came from SAP SD background , SD certification was completed via SAP education channel partner Siemens in 2009. Due to this reason , in the beginning I was thinking whether the study material /videos provided by Gurjeet are enough,will i miss something ,so for few weeks I was switching to SAP manuals .

As I went through more studynest videos I realised i do not need to refer to anything else. So guys, I have referred only studynest material and passed CRM with 73% despite being very busy at work.

I can't recommend Studynest highly enough. Thanks a lot Gurjeet.


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On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 10:42 PM, Vishal Bhagwat <vishalbhagwatsap@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hello Sir,

I am extremely happy to inform you that, today i have appeared for exam and pass with 94% in first attempt.

Some more highlights, I have enrolled for Studynest on 3rd Nov and as mentioned in my first mail I have completed exam within month time also I have finished exam in just 70 min.

Let me thanks for your detailed study material / videos, it would have not possible without your help and motivation.
I am also interested to join for ABAP in near future, but first need to find job in SAP MM. (I will trouble for for the same, for CV format, reference, etc...)

Please, let me know in case you are planning to visit Dubai, I would like to meet you personally. Also consider this as personal invitation.
Once again thanks for everything.


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On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 9:19 PM, Nxxxx Jxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com>; wrote:

Dear Sir,

" I take great honour and pride to be writing a testimony to Mr. Gurjeet for his wonderful service rendered through the StudyNest Website. I was quite lost in a few days after the commencement of my SAP Training from one of SAP's official educational partners. In my search for some videos which can help me understand things better, I bumped into StudyNest's SAP MM videos. Ever since, it was a smooth journey. His approach of keeping things simple and explaining each topic with realtime practical examples ensures the understanding of a person with even limited domain experience.

I took the exam and cleared the exam with 98%. A big big thank you for your great help and efforts to help students. I would highly recommend this to any one who wishes to learn SAP MM and clear their certification. Thank you once again for helping me acheive my SAP Certification and also teaching me in so much detail."

NJ (Identity hidden as per request)

Hi Everyone and particularly Mr. Gurjeet Singh!

I want to share a news with you that I passed my SAP MM Certification with 93% marks. I want to thank Mr. Gurjeet Singh for his support all along and guidance. It all owes to his great and detailed study material and the way he has explained every single topic in such an easy and elaborative way. I strongly believe that he has been blessed with a great quality of teaching. I had no IT background or experience and was scared if I could ever understand even the basics of SAP. But Mr. Gurjeet not only provided the knowledge but also the motivation that kept me moving forward. I would be very honest that I did not even read a single page of SAP books or notes and only concentrated on his videos and lectures. He did not leave a single topic unanswered. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR. GURJEET SINGH. May you be blessed in all walks of life. Now I am taking some time off and enjoying the feelings of being SAP Certified.

Mr. Gurjeet! You are a true teacher, Guru and a Mentor.

Once again, thank you so much - Mrs. Ali

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On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 4:22 AM, saad yusuf <saadvip23@hotmail.com>; wrote:

Dear sir,

I am sending this message to inform you that today I passed the SAP MM certification exam. I want to thank you for the mm course which was very helpful and comprehensive. You covered every single subject not only that but the way you deliver the content is perfect.
Definitely Studynest will be my number one choice for any SAP training.

Best regards

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On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 5:56 PM, GV <xxxxxx@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

This is to let you know that I have successfully cleared SAP SD certification exam with 92%.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and support. The video sessions were outstanding. You have explained the concepts and practicals in very clear manner. Even though I was new to SAP, the way that you explained the concepts made it very easy to understand. The practical sessions were really helpful. The server access which you provide as part of the training is invaluable.

Along with the training material and your support for clarifying queries, I would like to personally thank you for your support and encouragement. There was a certain time while I was doing the course when I almost decided to discontinue it due to the vastness of SAP. However the timely encouragement that you provided helped me refocus myself and continue with the learning and complete my certification.

Thank you so much!

Best Regards,
(Identity hidden as per request)


Hi All,

My name as mentioned in the subject is Faisal Paracha, I am SAP SD/MM/ CRM Certified and have an experience of almost 12 years in SAP and completed 11 E2E SAP Projects.

Gurgeet ahhh... what not to say about him, he is an extremely good human being to start with :) , as far his professional capabilities are concerned he is extremely good with teaching. His concepts related to his SAP Expertise are crystal clear and he is very thorough in his delivery as well.

First, I had CRM training from Gurgeet and I cleared the exam by watching his videos, now 1 n half months back I requested him for MM training and his training videos and the certification exams material VOW they were too good.

Training videos are in accordance with manuals, and just by going through the videos one can have an overall feeler about functionality & later can easily understand the concept in certification manuals.

I first gone through all the videos, this helped me greatly in understanding the end - end flow, then I started reading manuals. Believe me after watching the videos, it felt like Gurgeet didnt missed any important concept, or system step in his videos. This is not easy to cover all the aspects and concepts of a topic in one training video like Gurgeet did.

I cleared my MM exam and scored 100 % in all areas this is all because of the training videos , certification questions that were provided and also the effort I put in reading and understanding the manuals which was made easy by the training stuff Gurgeet provided.

I highly recommend Gurgeet's training videos/plans because whatever he do he delivers best in it .

Thanks again Gurjeet


On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 1:20 PM, Karuna Sontakke <karunas.sap@gmail.com>; wrote:
I am pleased to inform that I have cleared SAP SD certification with 76%. 

I think, most of the credit goes to Studynest. The training videos, training material, and the forum was a great help.

After a long break in career, I was not so confident if I could make it. Also, this is the first time I have attended any of the eLearning training. But I must say, I made the right choice. The training pattern is awesome. I was able to complete the training at my pace and at the time convenient to me.

The course content is also very good. This training helped to clear a lot of concepts. Always got the positive and quick response from Gurjeet Sir. The certification question bank was helpful too.

I would certainly recommend Studynest to anyone who wants to learn SAP SD.

Thank you very much for everything.

Karuna Suryatale

On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 2:06 PM, SR <xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hi Gurjeet,

I called to your mobile just now but not answered. I nailed my SAP MM certification with a Bang.                                                                                                                      
Scored 99% only 1 mistake was from physical Inventory.
Thanks for all your help. All most all questions are from dump what u provided.                                                                                                                                                      
I need some more help from you..I will mail you later...
Now in a celebration mood!

(Identity hidden as per request)

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 2:32 PM, faisal mohd <mohd_5sal@yahoo.co.in>;; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

I would like to thank you for your guidance and assistance through out the SAP SD Training Course. I have cleared the Certification with 80% marks.

I would recommend anyone who wants to learn SAP SD or want to certify themselves in SAP SD to enroll themselves with Study Nest Education. I found Gurjeet's teaching methodology really helpful and very easy to understand. His quick and prompt mail responses were very helpful for me in clearing my queries which i had during my learning.

Once again thanks Gurjeet, looking forward to learn SAP CRM as well sometime in the future.


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On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 11:44 AM, lakshmi Pandi <lakspandi2014@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

I passed SAP SD certification last week. Your classes are very good. Without your training, I wouldn't get my certification.
Thank you so much.


Hi All,
Don't Give Up U won't Fail - This is the word motivate me from the beginning Now I got 94% in certification with real Scenario experience.

First of all thanks to Gurjeet Singh (My SAP Guru Ji)
. People can think that what we get when we buy
. In this training course you will get new SAP Professional life.
If you want to be a SAP consultant Just follow Gurjeet Video and practice, practice practice ..... Do the assignments properly until you get confident. Please don't move to the next video until you get confident. Follow the Gurjeet Singh instructions in the video..

For Certification:-
He will provide you 120 Questions just read that when u read compare each question with videos. If some words are not in it Google it. Definitely you can get 100 Percent.. As a procurement consultant I am very busy in my job even though I got 94%. So u all can get 100%.

Once again Thanks Guru JI............

SAM UK(+44 (0)7849202773) 

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 2:15 AM, biswanat . <biswanath.sarkar18@gmail.com>; wrote:

I am really happy to say that this is one of the most informative
training courses I have attended.

It was done in a good format with lectures mixed with practical
sessions.I have really gained through theoretical and practical
understanding of SAP CRM which has made understanding of the subject

I have been able to take some of the things I learned and kept from
the materials and add them to my knowledge base.

Gurjeet has also provided support whenever required during the
Training Phase and I heartily thank him from my side so that I could
reach this position in my career.

With Regards
Biswanath Sarkar

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On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 8:39 PM, aijaz khan <aijazkhanaijaz@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hi Gurjeet,

Now I Become SAP SD Certified Consultant.

This is my first experience, that I did a professional certification course SAP SD. I am very thankful to you. SAP SD class was excellent, You have very good helping mentality. Once again Thanks Gurjeet.

Currently i am in UAE i am searching job in UAE, if you know any one who are in SAP field please refer to me.

Once again Thanks Gurjeet.

Aijaz Khan

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 2:31 AM, Mustafa Abid <mustafabids@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hello Gurjeet,

I am pleased to inform that I have cleared my SAP SD certification with 80%.

Gurjeet's videos were worth enough to mentor a candidate to pass the exam provided proper understanding and practice. I really thank Gurjeet for all his efforts in running this portal and the quick solution that he provides whenever there was any clarification needed in areas of SAP.

This portal is a good recommend to any aspiring candidate in SAP.


Mustafa Abid

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On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 10:27 AM, karthik reddy <karthik.reddy@hotmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet

Gurjeet First of all my apologies for writing so late. We went to India for 2 months holiday, just came back this week, here is my feedback for you.

when I was browsing for SAP CRM online classes and came across, Gurjeet's classes and I went for demo classes recordings on study nest site, I always use to think online classes will be really help full or not, but I found them interesting when I watched the demo video, then I continued. I am from Non-SAP back ground, but the way Gurjeet taught made it very easy. I would really thank Gurjeet for his patience on replying to our question immediately. Always he make sure everyone understood the topic which he explained for the day, The structure of the class and videos were so amazing and also option of going back recorded class videos is the best, by seeing that videos practicing SAP has made easy for me.

Last thing is that I passed the SAP CRM certification exam with 82 percentage.


On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 8:56 AM, <sam13sharma@aol.co.uk>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

I am delighted to inform you that, I have managed to clear my SAP SD certification exam last saturday with 85% score.This would not have been possible without the help & guidance from you mainly your on line tutorials. They helped me to clear my concepts that gave me the confidence to appear for the exam & successfully clear it.

I would be preparing my CV in the near future & would be launching myself in the market with the hope of cracking into the industry not only in the UK but nternationally.Can you give me some ideas what are the available opportunities in Austrailia.

I would be delighted to recommend other individuals who are looking forward to make a career in the SAP world to Study nest.

Many thanks,

Saurabh Sharma 

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 9:38 PM, Imran Safdar <imransafdar25@hotmail.com>; wrote:
Hello Gurjeet

First of all sorry to write this testimonial so late

I was searching for a platform to learn SAP SD and man i was lucky when I found Gurjeet's sample video on youtube. At start i was bit nervous because IT was not my field but when i started taking lectures i was quiet comfortable the way Gurjeet explained each n every detail of every topic. After completing this video training i can bet that any person who haven't been into IT field ever can easily understand this thing. Gurjeet is not only a good teacher but also very helpful in making his students to understand each n every detail in course whenever you ask him other than classes which is one of the best thing.
I strongly recommend every one who wants to have a training this is best platform you can avail.

GOD bless you Gurjeet. Hope to enjoy a long term relationship with you.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Imran Safdar

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On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 2:01 AM, Muhammad Uzair <km_uzair@hotmail.com>; wrote:


I was and I am one of the student of Mr. Gurjeet for SAP CRM.

He has no doubt complete command on what he is delivering. The way he has developed this program is very helpful for all type of students, Either you are experienced with SAP or not, Mr. Gurjeet's way of conducting the session will take everyone on board.

The best part of his training was to answer everyone until he/she is satisfied and also the additional material he provides to get prepared for the certification.
Even after completing the course, Mr. Gurjeet was in contact with me to help me with my issues.

I thank him and I pray to god for success.


Muhammad Uzair Khan
CRM and SD Consultant
SAP Solutions

Alfanar Group of Companies - Riyadh

Mobile: 00966 549-60-8131

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On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 9:05 PM, Indu vaghasia <vaghasia.indu@gmail.com>; wrote:

Dear Gurjeet

I found the training content well-structured and well organized. Each and every topic was explained with most simplest manner with real examples making whole training experience better than classroom training.

I strongly suggest SAP CRM training by Gurjeet to others. Its total value for minimal amount you pay for it.

The dedication and zeal to make participants understand each concept is really admirable. He will promptly reply to each and every question posted in forum daily without miss.

Thank you very much Gurjeet for sharing knowledge in such a wonderful manner. You inspired me and I am sure will continue inspiring others. All the very best !!


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On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 11:10 AM, pavan kumar <pavankurra@yahoo.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

Hope you are doing well.

I am very thankful for the excellent training that you had provided as part of SAP CRM training - June 2014 batch

I couldnt attend all the sessions due to current work load but I am visiting (now and then) the recorded sessions available in student login to fulfill the training from my end.

I found the course content to be very well organised and I am sure one would become profient in SAP CRM after attending your classes and later on by practising on the SAP environment, as per your guidence. Thus I would recommend this couse to the aspirants of my known circle.

One again, thank you very much and expecting a long lasting relationship with you.

Pavan Kurra 

On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM, Kingsley Okoye <okcee1@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hello Gurjeet,

It gives me great pleasure to categorically state that this is one of the first times I am really feeling I got exceptional value for the money I spent. Registering for your SAP CRM class was really money well spent and if I had to take any other classes, I surely know where to go.

Having had prior experience in SAP SD and wanting to go into SAP CRM, I started the journey by going on YouTube and found some materials from study nest on line which were very helpful. Little did I know that the materials I found on line was just like the Icing and the main cake I got when I registered for the SAP CRM class. I have been with Study nest for over 2 months now and the materials provided were very impressive ranging from the class recordings, Power points, mock quiz, assignments and student forum.

I was one of those individuals that was not opportune to be part of the live class, but the materials and video sessions made me feel like I was dealing one on one with Gurjeet because he was always available to answer questions and provide solutions even to the toughest problems.

I am happy to say the little knowledge I gained from study nest and the hands-on-training, helped me get my present Job as an SAP CRM Functional Consultant. I am still training and using study nest materials even on the Job.

I really want to use this medium to thank Gurjeet for the time and effort he is using to impart and share this knowledge. He made the training so easy to understand and I have no regret investing my money in study nest and I‚Äôm sure you won‚Äôt too. Like Gurjeet will say ‚ÄúWhen you don‚Äôt give up, YOU CANNOT FAIL‚ÄĚ

Thank you


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On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 1:09 PM, Venkata Reddy <hivenky@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

Your training was very helpful. Your voice feels like live session even in recordings. I really enjoyed watching your training videos. Today I also finished certification with 86%. Thanks for all your help. The credit goes to you.


On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Govind Thiagarajan <govindkkt@gmail.com>; wrote:

Dear Gurjeet, 

First and foremost, apologies for writing in such a late testimonial. I came across your website on Youtube and registered for one of the demo classes in Oct’13. I have attended the live classes for 2months over the weekends and I have also subsequently subscribed to your recent videos covering key SD topics as well. I was extremely impressed with your course content, course delivery, forums, mock quiz, assignments, hands-on training as well as your dedication to explain the concepts. Having done an SAP SD authorized course earlier, I can very well say that your class sessions and hands-on training is much more effective in preparing one for not only certification but also for real-time job.

I am also happy to announce that I passed the CRM Associate Level Certification in CRM 7 EHP2.0 version with 76% and also secured a great role in Canberra, Australia with the Government department here. The entire credit goes to Gurjeet as his recorded CRM sessions were of great help in understanding and revisiting the concepts at my own pace. In addition, I also went through the quiz at the end of each topic and also subscribed to your paid quiz which turned out to be very useful from certification standpoint.

In summary, anyone who wants to make a career out of CRM should definitely join Gurjeet’s classes as the entire package is value for money. I am sure you will benefit greatly from his vast experience in CRM and also from the forum discussions and hands-on training in CRM.

Thanks a lot Gurjeet for your time, effort and willingness to share knowledge. Wish you the very best for all your future endeavors. We will be in touch.


Govind Thiagarajan

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On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 2:12 PM, Joseph Valdez <jmtvaldez@gmail.com>; wrote:

"Mr. Gurjeet is very professional. He delivers what he promises he will deliver. All of his presentations are readily
downloadable from the web site.He responds quickly to queries despite the time difference. He continually updates
and improves his teaching and study materials. You can feel that he really wants his students to learn and become
successful SAP professionals. Aside from the course, he provides value-added services such as a web-based
quiz for every topic, a forum to help students in their exercises, review questions that will most likely appear in SAP
Certification and a list of interview questions that serves as a guide for job interview. I'd certainly recommend
StudyNest to my friends and to anyone who would want to learn SAP Functional CRM. I tried another on-line SAP
training and it was very disappointing to say the least. If you want a reliable, credible no-nonsenseSAP CRM
Training, don't waste your time searching the internet, go for StudyNest."

best regards,

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On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 11:43 PM, faisal raza <razafaisal25@yahoo.com>; wrote:

Hello Gurjeet,

When i first started the class, I was bit nervous because IT was not my pieace of Pie.
Taking classes with Gurjeet on StudyNest made me realize that How it is easy to learn when you have right trainer and mentor. I would recommend anyone who is willing to join and take the next step enroll now.


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On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 3:37 AM, jide okediji <jokediji@hotmail.com>; wrote:

Dear Gurjeet,

I'd been searching for an avenue to learn SAP CRM, and boy did I strike gold when I found your sample video on youtube. Thank you so much for taking the time to thoroughly go through the different areas of SAP CRM, especially the configuration aspect which was a challenge for me in the past. The class sessions were very well structured and your teaching style is well suited to those who do not have an IT/SAP CRM background. I appreciate your timely responses to my questions even when they were simple at times

Now that I've been empowered through your training, the vast world of SAP CRM isn't so daunting afterall. I definitely recommend your training to anyone seeking a well structured and concise training program.

Many Thanks!

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On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Bharat Jhala <bharat_jhala@hotmail.com>; wrote: 

Dear Gurjeet and Studynest,

I am writing this testimonial to express my deep satisfaction cum gratitude for the wonderful training for SAP CRM. The training is very well structured and very well presented of the course content. I found it well organized, detailed and useful to follow sometime even better than a class room training. This was my first ever online study, which I found extremely useful. I could attend the live classes as well as the recorded session to enhance better understanding with repetition as many times as I wanted.

I strongly recommend other students to attend at least one demo session to realize what value of money they can get out of this course. I am sure you will have the best online CRM training ever. To know what I am saying attend one demo classes of Studynest from Gurjeet.

Gurjeet is an incredible person, who replies to each question patiently during live classes to each participants. Even while doing offline practices I had problems with topic understanding and sometime technical issues, I just had to post the query on online forum that he set up on the http://studynest.org/ ; and he responded promptly each time with my utmost satisfaction. I am really impressed with the interest and dedication he has for the training. He truly shares everything that he knows about SAP - CRM. I felt like geography is no barrier with him. Thank you Gurjeet. You are doing a great job very impressively!

I wish Gurjeet and Studynest all the very best and a brilliant success.

Bharatsinh Jhala
Ph +1 905 896 8531 

On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 7:39 PM, Sharat Prasad <scpcrm@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hi Gurjeet

I take this opportunity to thank you and write an email Testimonial after successfully completing SAP CRM online training .

"I am a SAP SD consultant and wanted to learn SAP CRM as it was implemented in the project I work for.

Due to high integration and large dependency on SAP CRM in our project, I was in search of a good trainer who has SAP SD background and has in-depth understanding of SAP CRM. My search ended, when I first saw Gurjeet's video on YouTube. I decided to take up the course and joined the on going batch. After successful completion of SAP CRM course, now ia m confidently handling the day to day issues with ease. Gurjeet was very well prepared, knowledgeable, smart and organized his classes in such a way that you get to grasp the customizing concepts which are by and large used in customizing similar business scenarios in Sales, Mktg and Services areas. I would recommend his courses to any one who is keen to learn the concepts so that they can use in in their SAP jobs. Best part of his training is you can revisit the recorded sessions listen again and again which will help memorize.

I thank Gurjeet and wish him good luck."

Many thanks

Sharath Prasad 

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 1:32 AM, Ranjan Singh <ranjansing@gmail.com>; wrote:

Dear Gurjeet,

For a long time I was looking for an online CRM training program from an experienced and a real time consultant. My search ended when I saw your CRM training demo videos on youtube. I must appreciate your training methodology and your QnA session which was great.

The best part of the training was that you not only taught the configuration and the functionalities of CRM but you also guided us as how to become a business process consultant. Your tricks for appearing and clearing the SAP certification exam was awesome.

For me the recorded sessions played a vital role as I could easily catch up if I missed any real time classes.

I strongly recommend this program to all the working people who want to upgrade their skills and at the same time would like to continue with their current Job.

I wish you all the best and keep doing the good work.

Ranjan Singh
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On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 7:01 AM, Suzy <suzy4teen@gmail.com>; wrote:
Hi Gurjeet,

Thank you so much for successfully completing SAP CRM training. This was wonderful training provided by you. I really appreciate your efforts and desire to spread SAP knowledge to all.

I enjoyed the training and liked about you that you explain each and every topic very clearly with good live examples. Best part of the training is your training method After completing each and every topic you ask all participants to ask any doubts, any question again again before moving to another topic and clear everybody's doubts. So that all participants understands each and everything. I was very happy to know after just completing the training one of the participant got job immediately with best package in one of the best company that shows how knowledgable, professional is your training.

You are very participants friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, focused, provide best guidance, good mentor and training is very cost effective with ready made study material and recorded classes. I am fully satisfied and impressed with the training. This was my first online training experience ever and was fantastic with such a experienced knowledgeble trainer. Thank god i got to know about studynet on google. I will definitely recommend your training to all who want to make their career in SAP.

I wish you to best luck in future in fulfilling your goal.

Good job and keep it up..:) :)

Thanks and Regards,
Sent from my iPhone

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On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 12:35 AM, Subhrajit Tapadar <subhtapa@gmail.com>; wrote:



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On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 4:18 PM, Jyoti Bhol <jyoti.bhol86@gmail.com>; wrote:

Dear Sir,

I got to know about your training from one of my friend who saw your video in you tube. Prior to attending your training programe i was not confident about going for online training programe.
but once i saw the demo video i felt confident.

I feel glad and truly blessed that i got in touch with you. The way you teach and reply to each of my email thats just outstanding. I would be needing your guidance in future as well. i have been practising with the recordig class and will need your help whenever i face any problem.

once i feel fully thorugh about all that you have taught in CRM then i would be asking you how to go for self study of SD. and if required i would join the SD progrme as well.

Everytime i see the line below your email "when you dont give up, You cant fail". it gives me immense confidence and will power.

Jyoti Ranjan

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On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 4:47 AM, Pratiek Agarwaal <agg.prateek@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hello Gurjeet,

I am writing this first testimonial in the honor of my coach (Now mentor and a friend) Mr. Gurjeet Singh , who along all this time has been with me as a beacon of hope and a mentor.

I would start from the very first day when I found out Mr. Singh's contact through the you tube & official site . Before this I would like to tell you that I dont beleve in online training program but by the God's grace I found out Mr. Singh's.

The best thing is practical on both web ui & GUI. Why we do this & what is the use & where we see the output.

Now after the completion of the training when I meet with Mr.Singh's during his visit to India, he not only shared his experience but also guide us the way forward with simple line Don't Give Up.

Gurjeet, please accept my note of appreciation for providing the best training, for the certification and also for those how looking for practical knowledge.

I am fully confident that I can depend upon any kind of guidance that I need from My Mentor Gurjeet .Thank you Gurjeet for being there at every step of the whole process that was filled with anxiety and Uncertainty. 

Regards || Pratiek Agarwaal

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On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 5:35 AM, Lovemore Ncube <ncubel@hotmail.com>; wrote:


It was a pleasure being part of the class. I work in an SAP Global Template development team for a global manufacturing company. I have worked on a number of accounts receivable projects, but my company will be rolling out a CRM solution. I decided to take the CRM training to position my self for potential opportunities in the new project.

Your training provided me with the missing link for me to fully understand the whole OTC process. My experience so far has been limited to the downstream processes of billing, accounts receivable management and cash application. With this training, I have been able to get a solid foundation on the upstream customer interaction activities in the SAP OTC process.

I recommend this class to anyone seeking a cost effective course that covers both CRM business process and configuration in a concise, easy to understand and interactive class delivery method.

I wish you the best in your training program.



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On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 5:24 AM, Ravindra Putta <puttarr@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

After attending the SAP CRM /SD Online Course by StudyNest org, I would like to share a few words. First I would like to say that I am very impressed from the course and enjoyed it:

I have joined two other places to get training on the same modules. But they have not covered as much Gurjeet did cover. I had experience in SAP CRM before I did join Gurjeet, I was working on a project on SAP CRM, after attending his classes I was able to work with confidence and answer any kind of questions and show the results.

The best thing he will show the practical’s on WEB UI. and configuration on GUI.

There is no doubt in my mind this was the best place I have attended.

He is very professional and have a very sound knowledge in SAP and shares all the knowledge with students without hiding. He not only pays attention to just course subject but also discusses about interview related, certification procedures and manuals and all kinds of business process and real-time works and even guides how we should maintain the knowledge. He not only being professional but makes his students as professional too

The knowledge gained in this course is valuable.
I appreciate the practical approach of the method study.
Such approach makes the different from other trainings centers.
The online training platform is more than suitable and proved itself to be adequate.
The personal support was very helpful and response time was sufficient.
The system provided for practice was stable and functional at all times.
I can say with confidence that your course and trainings were highly professional. In the future I will recommend highly on Study Nest for SAP trainings and for my next SAP training I will not think twice before I register for your school again.

Thank you,

Warm Regards,


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On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 7:03 PM, Samantha Wong <samwyl@yahoo.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet, please accept my note of appreciation so that you can post it at the website.. :)

Today 29/9/2013, marks the completion of SAP CRM training course! I must write to give thanks to Mr Gurjeet.

He is one of the experience and excellent trainer that dedicated his time and effort to groom the students preparing for SAP CRM career. In addition, I am grateful I don't have to fork out a huge amount of money to pay for the fee.

I am very much impressed with the quality of teaching, clear and easy to understand manner, interactive and makes learning SAP CRM an interesting learning experience.

I gain knowledge and understanding of topics through live class, recorded session and practical exercises, reading material, discussion forum etc. If I run into issues, he will take time to explain and guide along.

I am delighted my SAP CRM knowledge and configuration skill have improved progressively. If you are keen to embark a career or finetuning on SAP CRM through professional training, I would personally recommend you to give StudyNest a try. And you would definitely like it.

All the best to August batch and new batch students. Enjoy and have fun exploring SAP CRM!


Samantha Wong

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On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 9:35 PM, Madhu Satpathi <madhu.satpathi@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

Please find the testimonial, below:

Having 4 years of experience in SAP CRM in winclient I was franctically looking for a training in SAP CRM 7.0 and luckily came across Studynest site. I got to learn a lot about SAP CRM 7.0 web client and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire training session. Gurjeet is an excellent trainer with a very clear way of communicating things in a simple manner. He is one of the best teachers I have ever come across. I am overly satisfied with his training program and would definitely recommend this program to others who are looking for a detailed traning session in SAP CRM 7.0.


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On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 8:19 PM, bubu <bubu_6@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Gurjeet

I'm sending this email to acknowledge the quality of your SAP Sales and Distribution

module training. Even as a beginner in SAP, I has obtained enough
knowledge to take on the SAP SD level 1 and 2 support at the end of training course.

Some of the highlight of your course:

1. Friendly environment
2. Taking time to answer each and every question during the session
3. Demonstrate with real live example for every topic
4. Deliver the subject matter very clearly using plain English
5. Commitment to student
6. Provide plenty of study materials
7. Design the course so that students are well prepared for SAP SD Certification

You can't find quality training with this much competitive price anywhere else.


On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 3:10 AM, Jexy John <jexyjohn@yahoo.com>; wrote:

Thank you Gurjeet. As a new comer in this SAP world your coaching including hands on training was very much useful to me. I really recommend Mr Gurjeet's class for CRM to all who look for a career in CRM.

Sent from my iPhone 

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 1:19 PM, vinayak gatle <vmgatle@yahoo.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

Testmonial as below.

"At Studynest, sessions from Gurjeet were very informative and depthful. It is a good starting point for the people who are ready to put efforts but need a good start with system access and guidance. Gurjeet has a very unique style of teaching where he spends more time on the SAP system than on the slide which makes the learning person understand it better and gain confidence. "


On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 7:42 AM, Ramzan Lakhani <ramzanlakh@gmail.com>; wrote:

I recently completed my online SAP CRM training with Gurjeet where I got to learn a lot about SAP CRM technology software and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Gurjeet is an excellent trainer with a number of years of experience in SAP CRM and has a unique style of training where by one can learn in "Live'" online sessions, access the previously recorded sessions as many times as one likes, interact with other students in an online forum, and request a one-on-one, if needed. I was totally satisfied with this training program and would definitely recommend this program to others.

- Ramzan Lakhani

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On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Faisal Javed Paracha <faisal.paracha@hotmail.com>; wrote:

I have an experience of 10 years, since last year I was planning to do CRM. But I was unable to get back into the learning mode, then I decided to have an online training session. At first I was not sure from whom should I get it, contacted Gurgeet and he did me a favor by including me in a running batch. I was unable to attend his online classes and started learning from his uploaded training videos. Gurgeet's way of training and linking it with actual business scenario made it possible for me to grasp the concepts easily. Cleared the certification exam with in 1 n half month. All this because of Gurgeet's honest commitment in helping his students. His knowledge about CRM is extensive and he makes sure that he conveys his experience in an easy & understand-able manner.

He's a down to earth individual, and helps his students a lot by sharing his knowledge. I learned a lot from him in a very short period, even though I am not one of his regular students; still if I need his help he's always there for me on the email. As a CRM Virtual Trainer I would rank him as "THE BEST".


Faisal, Senior SAP Consultant.


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 On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 6:27 PM, Manish Bansal <bansal.manish2@gmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet

Please accept the below comments from my side regarding the CRM Training:

"After spending 6 years in SAP ERP space, I was looking for the CRM training. Luckily I came across the Studynest CRM Training link through Linkedin.Initially I was bit skeptical about the quality of the training delivery but after 2-3 classes, I was proved wrong and got impressed with Gurjeet's deep knowledge of SAP CRM and communication skills. Being an experienced CRM consultant himself, Gurjeet was able to deliver the training course effectively.

Most important is his desire the share the knowledge with others, down to earth approach and creating an Interactive and collaborative training environment was unique. It was great value for money and I didn't want to wait for next batch, so I decided to join the SD course as well."



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 On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 1:03 PM, chiarg parikh <chikumit@hotmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

"SAP CRM Function training was one of the best training attended with gurjeet. Gurjeet was able to get to student's level because some of the student were new to SAP. He took a time to explain all the introduction part and basics of SAP. He has explained all the business scenario before going to SPRO customization to actual transaction so we can understand the use of SAP CRM in business process. Training tips and material given during the training was excellent and even 100% SAP certification oriented, I am sure student can easily crack.


Chiarg Parikh

Adelaide, Australia

Ph +61433908039 

 On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Amit Pardeshi <pardeshiamit@hotmail.com>; wrote:

Hi Gurjeet,

Attending the online SAP CRM training provided by Studynest has immsely helped me to enhance my SAP skills. The course content and the delivery method was very good. The course is a very good starting point for beginners who want to break into the SAP industry as it covers practical aspects of the work too. The course was conducted in a very flexible and lucid manner which has helped me a lot considering that I work full-time.

Amit (Sydney)

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 On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 4:57 AM, Madhusudan

Guttal <madhusudan.guttal@gmail.com>; wrote:


Thank you for taking time to train me on SAP CRM. It was a great experience attending online classes. After evaluating many institutes in Bangalore, I found your online training to be very effective and useful. One can easily get to know in depth knowledge you have in SAP and its all because of vast experience you carry. Meticulously planned course and your dedication/preparedness before each class was really helpful in effective utilisation of available time.

I really liked your patience to answer all questions with apt realtime examples. I will certianly recommend you to many of my collegues and friends. Appreciate your efforts.. Wish you all the very best for future endeavors.


Madhusudan Guttal



Madhusudan Guttal

|| dharma mArge prErayantu bhavanta: sarva Evahi ||

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